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I am a Muslim

They tell me with one look at my face
That I am the unhappy part of the human race
I am part of “them,” and not part of “us”
I am a Muslim!

We are all the same, in the papers I read
Not civilized, part of a different breed
Infected with this bizarre disease
Those Muslims!

They infuse us with a collective guilt
Then deploy retributive acts to the hilt
Individual “rights” become conditional, the irony is bland
As guilty-till-proved-innocent becomes the law of the land
For those Muslims!

Our forefathers, those puritans, the salt of the earth, found
That killing Indians was OK, and morally sound
Those savage redskins were not human at all
Now we replay the past, heed the neocons’ vitriolic call
Get those Muslims!

I may be gay or I may be straight
I may reject all religion, or otherwise tempt fate
I may be urbane, sniff my wine just right
But when the dogs go to hunt, the right response is fright
Cause I am Muslim!

Take my cue from Afro brothers, what an uppity bunch!
Thought Harvard and fancy cars meant they had a free lunch!
At the end of the day, their fate is woven in the hue of their flesh
There is an order to the species, and their color don’t mesh
And in this Christian nation, of stalwarts benign
Don’t you ever get uppity, or step out of line
You’re a Muslim!

As Jews learned from history, ‘tis wise to beware
The kindness of strangers turns frigid, when there is a scare
Industry and enterprise in the end count for nought
When hysteria and shrill diatribe become a substitute for thought
Forget your roots at your peril, or worse still your head
You’re with us or you’re with them, or better off dead
You’re a Muslim!

As the sages out there congeal the world in fault lines
As murder and mayhem are licensed by the divine
Not a purr from the masses, sweetly lulled by the season
Calculated worldviews designed to justify mayhem through reason
You sit and watch the spectator sport of the “war”
But be wary, don’t be lulled into thinking it’s a bore
Any day now you could be yanked in the fray
Cause you’re a Muslim!


Copyright © 2005 Carayan Press