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Jan. 2006


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Carayan Press

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, let me confess my love of thee
Jealous metropolis, envelop me
I will serenade your multiple ethnicities
Send you love letters by freeway
Frequent suburban middle-income, ho-hum
And then commute to see your fair inner city face

Chinatown, Olvera Street, Grand Central Market
Where should we meet?
Little Tokyo, Koreatown, Wilshire Blvd. and Watts
Los Angeles Citadel, Infinite infidel
Sacred palm trees can’t outreach
Your pluralistic thoughts

Los Angeles, I will court you in the city
Or on your county line
Your Catholic bent and Chicano smile
Dazzle my imagination
And render my heart sublime

Los Angeles, I must see you and walk your downtown streets
I will never leave you in other cities that I will meet
Los Angeles, you possess my heart
My soul is in your concrete
Your adolescence is quintessence
No one can compete

Los Angeles, you’re like Marilyn
Blonde and tragic
Yet your Hollywood magic draws me near
Oh dear, stars in my eyes
Turn the tide
In you Los Angeles I confide my fate

City of my birth I feel embryonic longings
To be held above your skies
Let me see you now with adult eyes
I will not tarry
Los Angeles, it is you I long to marry

I wonder under your skyline
I muse in 21st Century awe
Your halo crown of glittering lights
Ignites your citizenry to new heights

The slight puffs of gray in your sky are beguiling
Mixed with the pinks of your citadel complexion
Your truly are a hybrid perfection
Of indigenous and paella bounty
Spanish and Native foundation
Accented and sometimes a fickle melting pot
Of indigestion and constipation
Yet your New World recipe is ever flowing
West coast muse of the nation

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