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Isle of Dreams

Blue sky, white sand, island winds,
Scented with things green and living,
I drink my fill and try to sate my longings,
Here in this isle of dreams.

Like a woman she snares me in her charms!
New and strange like first love,
Inexorable, her seduction complete,
In a neap tide she drags me under,
I drown gladly in her.

Evening comes, a new dress for her to wear!
Dancing winds waltz the palms,
I softly walk her midnight sands,
Stars wash ashore from a darkling sky,
Pearls falling on velvet,
They adorn the sleeping boats as they lie.

In the distance unknowing guitars,
Pluck at my heart, singing lonely, lonely,
Mournful memories, I ran a million miles from,
And here, they welcome me.

I came to leave my sorrows!
Drop my cares in the Pacific,
In forgetting, wash my soul clean
In an opalescent ocean of no memory.

But like a loyal unloved dog,
They remain curled in my chest,
The empty place I thought to fill,
With this isle, this land of tropic dreams.