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Penelope V. Flores is Professor of Education at San Francisco State University. She holds degrees from the Philippine Normal University, University of the Philippines, University of Pennsylvania and from the University of Chicago. She was a UNESCO Teacher Education Expert on field assignment for several years in different Asian countries. She has published numerous articles in a variety of journals and is editor of Reflections: Readings for Young and Old, an antholgy published in 2002 by the Philippine American Writers and Artists, Inc. The short stories that appear in this issue of Literary Well are from Impong Menang's Gifts, a collection of stories serialized in the Philippine Eagle, Sacramento, California. They are humorous recollections of her childhood in her native Mindoro province in the Philippines when young students had to struggle with the imposition of the English language in their early years of schooling.
Schooling is like Mud Fishing

A New Day's Start

My Mangyan Ancestry

The English Only

Don't Be Fancy