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This night of revelry has passed its peak
And down we climb the mountain steep
And at the bottom is the awful truth
That these spoils aren’t ours to keep

Cry your pleading sorrow
Wail the moon away
Too deeply you have borrowed
And now you all must pay

Scrape thy mouth
With thy tongue
Grope for a way out
Hope it can be undone
Hope, it can be undone

Detone the nation
Detonate ions

What endless fruits can you make
when you choose your path to take
And the path narrows
what stretches out to bend and break
the curvature of these shadows
what resists the will to take
when silence echoes in the marrow
what widowed woman darkly waits
Wailing for tomorrow
what troubled dreamer screams to wake
and listen to the sparrows

tap dancing on the mucus membrane
the browning leaves and blackened rain
puddle this fissure into a drain
and relief it has come
if just for a moment
cause hope, it can be undone
you just gotta own it
don’t you worry the setting sun
there’s time to still mend her
and when your queen has your son
you must always defend her
…and sprouts!


Copyright 2005 © Carayan Press